Has your thyroid and adrenal disease been missed or mistreated? There are an estimated 60,000,000+ people today with undiagnosed hypothyroidism. Discover the truth about more toxic things that may negatively affect thyroid and adrenal function. This is part 3 of 3 articles. In this final article, we present an additional 7 items that can be toxic to your thyroid and adrenals. We have tried to present the major or critical offenders in each article presented, and although there is some overlap in what we have written, we hope you have gained some valuable insight into what may be affecting your thyroid and/or adrenal health. Once again, the purpose of the thyroid gland is to make, store and release thyroid hormone into your blood. But let’s talk about some related glands. The amount of thyroid hormone made by your pituitary, as well as part of your brain called the hypothalamus, adjusts the amount of thyroid hormone made by your thyroid gland. The pituitary, aided by the hypothalamus, controls many of your glands, as well as helping to control other bodily functions such as thirst, hunger, sleep and body temperature. All three of these glands need to work together to control the amount of thyroid hormone in your body at any given time. When toxins get into any of these glands or any of our body’s critical areas they may affect the production of hormones and other things our bodies need to function properly. Our purpose here is not to overwhelm you with information, but just to give you some basic data that you can put to use in your daily life. It’s by knowing what toxins might be affecting you that you can take action and hopefully gain a positive result. Here is the final list for now of things that have or may have a negative effect on our thyroid and adrenal glands. Thyroid and Adrenal Health – Some Final Toxic Things to Avoid
  1. Smoking. You know how toxic this can be to your health, and especially the thyroid.
  2. Radiation. In any form, it affects the thyroid and adrenals negatively.
  3. Wheat. Processed wheat breads contain gluten as a major ingredient, which causes inflammation, and stresses the thyroid.
  4. Environmental Toxins. Try to avoid exposure to pesticides and other toxic chemicals used around the house and yard.
  5. Over medication – Avoid prescription medicines whenever possible – they often cause worse side effects than the issues they treat.
  6. Starvation or overeating carbohydrates. Radical diet changes may affect thyroid function, adrenal function too.
  7. Vegetarianism – small amounts of animal protein help the thyroid and adrenals function. If you do go vegetarian, consider supplementing with proteins, extra coconut oil, and other items.
There you have it – 7 additional things that may be serving as unwanted burdens in your life, and may need to be addressed as to reducing or eliminating exposure. This finishes our discourse for now on toxins that affect the functioning of your thyroid and adrenal glands. Future articles are planned on supplements and ways to support your thyroid and adrenals, so please stay tuned. Thank-you again for your interest, Diane Culik, MD ABC Wellness   Diane A. Culik, MD, reveals secrets you really should know and promotes simple steps to greater health using natural, alternative methods. With Dr. Culik, you get the credibility and safety of a trained medical doctor, and the cutting edge alternative treatments of a Holistic Practitioner. For a free video on “Top 10 Things to Know about Thyroid and Adrenals before You Visit Your Doctor,” please visit http://thyroid-adrenal-solutions.com. © Diane A. Culik, all rights reserved worldwide.  

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