ABC Wellness offers free health reports, both videos and eBooks, that are valuable, alternative and mainly natural based advice in nature, though you do get the experience of a traditionally trained Doctor in me.  You can see my office website by clicking this link,  Dr. Culik, MD.  You can get these by merely signing up for one of our sites depending on what interests you. For the Alternative-Health-Secrets Newsletter, and all the Free Health Reports including Videos and E-Books, sign up in the blue form at top of site.  This is the one overall major site you will want to join, but we realized different people are interested in different topics health wise depending on their situation.  So, we have created categories that most of our informative reports will fall into. These categories we created include subjects like thyroid and adrenal care, cancer survival, avoiding strokes, preventing heart attacks, women’s health topics, bio identical hormones, and many more as we consider and add them. There will be one overall category called “Alternative Health Secrets” that will include all topics, large and small in nature. That’s what you get when you sign up in the blue form to the right – all the videos and EBooks we have, and the future ones, we will create! If you seek general health information covering all topics, this is the one for you. Those smaller subjects that do not fit into a particular category shall be placed in this alternative health secrets category as well, so if you are looking to get all kinds of alternative, natural health information, visit and sign up to join at Here is a video showing more of what you get! Either way, please visit our Free Reports Page and sign up for what you are interested in – for example, if you have thyroid and adrenal concerns sign up to see the free video at  You are free to sign up for as many sites as you wish, but please realize by doing so you will receive some duplicate eBook reports, which you can just delete or send to a friend, neighbor, family or anyone you wish if it states that you have permission to do so.  We wanted to give each group as much valuable information as possible. The videos are a bit different – we generally require one to sign in to view these, so please just share the relevant post if you want someone to see. Thank-you for reading. Diane Culik, MD ABC Wellness

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