Greetings, we are ABC WELLNESS, where the ABC stands for Alternative-Balanced-Comprehensive. At ABC Wellness, we strive to blend the best of Traditional and Holistic Medicine, and help you take “Simple Steps to Better Health.” Our goal is to assist you in finding the path to a better way of life. Feel free to browse the site and discover all that it has to offer including current health news, nutritional supplements and much more. ScreenHunter_43 Sep. 21 16.07 I am looking forward to working together towards a long and healthy life. Please join our site and subscribe so I can communicate and send you updates on my activities, location, and new medical knowledge. This site is about all aspects of your health. Our posts will cover many topics, including how to help your thyroid and adrenals, natural treatments for all conditions, cancer survival tips, anti-aging, bio-identical hormone therapies, cold and flu protection, emotion code therapy, massage therapy, diet and weight loss tips, fertility answers, yeast and candida treatments, testosterone supplementation for men, and much more. We will bring you more information as we develop it, from ages old, time tested solutions to some cutting edge therapies designed to keep you young and vital, feeling the best you can be, and living the kind of life you deserve! Thank you for visiting! Diane Culik MD **************************************************************************************************** Further information about Diane Culik, MD:
  “As per, Dr. Diane Culik is a Family Practitioner. She has over 30 years of experience as a doctor and she and her staff now practice at the newly opened ABC Wellness in Sterling Heights, MI.  Dr. Culik was associated in past years with four hospitals including one that’s rated 4 out of 4 stars and attended a medical school with a 4 star rating. She has a Patient’s Choice Award. Her overall average patient rating is four out of four stars, with an overall rating of “Excellent”. The doctor’s name may also be written as Dr. Diane Alice Culik, MD. You can find many more facts about Dr. Culik at”  As Shown on Wikianswers Doctors at (Editor’s note:  This quote has been modified to reflect latest updates.)

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