We all know there are benefits of exercise. No one really needs to tell us we should get moving, join a gym, lift weights, jog, do healthy things outside, etc. to improve our health, our stamina, and more.  But it takes time and in the case of joining a gym, some money.  Is it worth it?  I think most of us would agree it is, but what if there were even a better way? How about staying at home and using a top notch system, and being able to watch and follow exercise routines that are show on your computer, iPad, or even IPhone?  Wouldn’t that be great?  And what if you found out that you could do this for way cheaper than joining a club or gym?  You can as I explain below, but follow along for a minute while list out the benefits you get from exercise.  I hope this list will help motivate you to get started. 8 Major Benefits of Exercise
  1. Stay healthier – exercise boosts our thryoid and our ability to fight off illness
  2. Helps prevent those big killers like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer
  3. It improves your circulation, therefore all your organs including skin
  4. Bigger muscles from weight training mean you burn fat easier
  5. Weight loss comes easier, especially with cardiovascular training
  6. It’s good for your brain – it makes you happier and smarter
  7. Improves learning and builds self esteem
  8. Reduces stress
Now doesn’t that make you want to get up and move?  And this list is just a start.  Although you do not have to participate to join, our ABC Ultimate Wellness Plan centers around the use of exercise to keep you healthy and feeling great! But it has to be fun, or people give it up too easily.  So, whatever form of exercise you choose, make sure it is one that you like and can stick with. At ABC Wellness, we recommend having a variety of exercise routines to choose from so you do not burn out.  Things like areobic dancing, zumba, yoga, and more are all good. One we like right now at ABC Wellness is a fantastic, fun way to stay fit called Bodylastics. The Bodylastics System consists of exercise bands, and it can be used as your home gym, or especially while you are travelling. If you do belong to a health club, it can still be used when you can’t make it, don’t feel like going, or when you are on the road, and can’t find a gym. Both the U.S. Military, and SWAT teams use this system, so it comes highly recommended!  And you can exercise on your own, or watch one of tons of exercise video routines available on the sister site of Bodylastics site at liveexercise.com!   Check it out by clicking on http://www.bodylastics.com/1783.html or one of our ads at the top or bottom of this page. We believe it could be life transforming for you! Thank-you for your attention, Diane Culik, MD ABC Wellness www.abcwellnessnews.com www.alternative-health-secrets.com www.thyroid-adrenal-solutions.com    

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