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Introducing ABC Wellness Solutions

Simple Steps to Better Health...

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What does it cost to go to a doctor today?  For a few dollars each, get new insight into a variety of topics that may keep you younger and healthier!  Better yet, sign up first in the box above, and we will send you a summary kind of report to check out so you can decide for yourself if you want more details. 

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Sign up on our list and get our free report on how to grow 20 years younger, free access to videos and more...

That’s Great… But What Else Can ABC Wellness Do For Me?

Well, good question.  We also have been creating videos for some of this material, and are planning on creating more content to really focus on getting to the source of peoples' all to common health issues.

We focus on bringing you simple steps and solutions you can apply immediately to your situation. Our hope is that we can help you find a lifestyle that sustains your to a very healthy, happy ripe age!

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Who are you and why should I listen?

Dr. Diane Culik, MD, brings you natural health solutions, and is a top thyroid-adrenal doctor with over 30 years’ experience! After graduating from the University of Michigan Medical School, Dr. Culik began practicing medicine a number of years ago, following the traditional path, learning the best that conventional medicine had to offer.

About 17 years ago, she switched to Holistic Medicine, and now blends the two approaches so you get the best of both worlds! She recently opened ABC Wellness, which stands for Alternative-Balanced-Comprehensive, in Sterling Heights, Michigan where she offers all patients “Simple Steps to Better Health.” Her goal is to assist you in finding the path to a better way of life through the removal of obstacles to healing like environmental toxins and nutritional deficiencies and allowing the body to heal itself.

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